About Us

G & H Film & Television Services was formed to supply the Film and Television industry with a highly professional service and with specialized vehicles and equipment prepared and finished to an exceptionally high specification.

With the benefit of years of experience on numerous film location sets they decided to form the Company when they realised that most of the Location Facility Vehicles such as Wardrobe, Make-up and Toilet block facilities were of a very low standard and usually provided with an equally poor back-up service. It is, therefore this clearly needed quality service that G & H can provide.

G&H Film and Television services G & H Film & Television Services vehicles and equipment are built entirely from the outset by their own highly trained team of technicians. Every vehicle is maintained – both on and off location – by this same staff, whose skill and intimate working knowledge ensure continuity of a smooth and trouble-free operation.

On Location, a complete service is supplied with each vehicle as the driver can tend to the creature comforts of the film crew who are using the vehicle – supplying light refreshments (tea, coffee, biscuits etc.) as required. The driver is also responsible for cleaning and generally ensuring smooth running so that the film crew can concentrate their efforts on the work in hand. Long hours on Film Locations, maybe for weeks at a time away from home and sometimes in quite remote areas can be extremely arduous, so the working day can be made much more bearable if the environment maintained is comfortable, civilized and efficient. Indeed such service can often yield a significant time-saving factor!

G & H Film & Television Services is therefore a complete facilities Company offering a comprehensive package with just a single phone call – saving you time and money, as well as an awful lot of unnecessary paper work.